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PEXL Filter bag

Extended Service Life PEXL Filter Bag. A great cost saving filter bag with unique needle felt fiber construction of doubling the pore space within but significantly increase the dirt holding capacity in filtration performance without affecting its initial pressure drop, it gives you a lifetime of up to 5 times more and resulting in filtration […]

POXL/PEXL Filter Bags

POXL/PEXL Filter Bags Buy Cheap Extended Life Range POXL/PEXL Filter Bags at wholesale prices on COX NYLON FILTER BAG FABRIC. COX extended life range POXL/PEXL, alternative filter bag of EATON DURAGAF filter bags, are with equal filtration performance with lifetimes 2-5 times longer than ordinary felt media. Data Sheet      Extended life range POXL/PEXL filter […]


COX don’t manufacture any Eaton or HAYFLOW™ brand Filter Bag, we only supply Replacement HAYFLOW Filter Bag with best price. F5873439-PEXL-50-P02HAY Replacement HAYFLOW Filter Bags combine the benefits of a filter bag with those of a filter cartridge into a new, rugged filter element with optimum filtration performance. F5873439-PEXL-50-P02HAY filtration area up to 65% greater […]