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POXL Filter Bags are a popular and reliable solution for industrial filtration applications. These are high-quality filter bags that are designed to meet specific filtration requirements and deliver optimal filtration performance. POXL Filter Bags are used to trap and remove particulate matter, dust, and other contaminants in various industrial processes, including cement, steel, mining, power generation, and chemical industries. In this post, we’ll discuss the features of POXL Filter Bags and how they meet the demands of modern industrial filtration.POXL Filter Bag
POXL Filter Bags are available in micron ratings from 0.2 to 200 micron.
POXL Filter Bags are made of high-quality filter media that can withstand high temperatures, chemical exposures, and mechanical stress. The filter media, which is constructed of a range of materials, including polyester, polypropylene, and Nomex, is specially engineered to deliver maximum filtration efficiency, dust-holding capacity, and longevity. POXL Filter Bags undergo rigorous quality control checks throughout the manufacturing process to ensure high-quality standards are maintained.
These features increases the POXL Long Life Filter Bags’ have lifetime up to 5 times longer than common standard filter bags.

SKUStyle No.Micron RatingSKUStyle No.

The features of POXL Filter Bags include their adaptability to different industrial requirements, providing a solution for varying filtration needs. Whether it’s high-temperature filtration or corrosive process media, POXL Filter Bags provide reliable performance, delivering a sustainable filtration system for industries. Additionally, POXL Filter Bags offer high durability, meaning they can withstand long periods of use without the demand for frequent upkeep, providing a cost-effective filtration solution for industries.
Extra filtration depth is capable of removing soft particles and gels; impurities that normal felt media cannot remove. POXL filter bags are specially heat treated to prevent fiber migration, making the bags suitable for automotive coating and various other applications.
COX polypropylene(PP) Long Life materials utilize a proprietary fiber blend configuration to create a media that is heavier, thicker and stronger than standard felted media. This formulation delivers enhanced efficiencies, without increasing initial kinds pressure.

Size No.DiameterLengthFlow RateFilter AreaVolume
# 01180mm420mm20m3/h0.25m28.0 L
# 02180mm810mm40m3/h0.50m217.0 L
# 03105mm235mm6m3/h0.09m21.30 L
# 04105mm385mm12m3/h0.16m22.50 L
# 05150mm550mm18m3/h0.20m23.80 L

POXL Filter Bags are fitted with advanced reverse pulse jet cleaning systems that allow for effective cleaning of the filter media, thus preventing contamination and buildup of particulate matter. The unique pulse cleaning technology ensures an effective, safe and quick cleaning process without the use of harmful chemicals. The pulse jet release is automated and easily adjustable, making POXL Filter Bags ideal for modern industrial processes.

COX Long Life POXL Filter Bags

The unique features of POXL Filter Bags make them an ideal choice for industrial applications. Their high filtration efficiency and dust-holding capacity contribute to enhancing the overall process productivity, reducing the risk of downtime, and improving product quality with increased yield. Additionally, POXL Filter Bags reduce the emission levels of harmful pollutants in the work environment; therefore, they are eco-friendly and meet regulatory requirements.

One of the significant benefits of using POXL Filter Bags is that the bags are easy to install and replace, which translates into lower overall maintenance costs. Regular cleaning and replacement of filter bags are essential to maintaining the filter’s efficiency, thus reducing the risk of downtime in industries. POXL Filter Bags installation is quick, and they can easily be replaced, leading to reduced downtime among industries.

Felt Filter Bags are available in polyester, polypropylene, nylon, Nomex and PTFE. Filtration Felts are available with a glazed or singed outer finish to minimize fiber migration from the filter surface.

MaterialWork TemperatureMicron Filtration Ratings Available

POXL Filter Bags are available in various shapes and sizes, which offers considerable flexibility to industrial filtration applications. It is easy to find a POXL Filter Bag that meets specific production requirements, with various sizes to cater to different industrial requirements. Additionally, POXL Filter Bags can work correctly in high-temperature environments, providing the filtration solution for industrial applications where high temperatures are required.

In conclusion, POXL Filter Bags are an essential component of modern filtration systems. Their high filtration efficiency, durability, adaptability, and low maintenance costs ensure that they are a reliable choice for industrial filtration practices. POXL Filter Bags are available worldwide, providing industries with effective and sustainable filtration solutions. The bags are eco-friendly and meet regulatory requirements, making them ideal for companies that prioritize worker safety and environmental protection. The flexibility of POXL Filter Bags means that they can be adapted to a wide range of industrial processes, with varying sizes and shapes to meet the unique needs of each application.

The use of POXL Filter Bags has a positive impact on the environment, as they help to reduce harmful emissions into the atmosphere, allowing industries to meet environmental regulations. With more regulations and standards for air quality being introduced, the importance of having high-quality filter bags in the workplace cannot be overstated. POXL Filter Bags contribute to industrial growth and productivity by creating a cleaner, safer environment for workers, reducing the risk of occupational hazards.

In summary, POXL Filter Bags provide a solution for modern industrial filtration applications, improving productivity, product quality and protecting the environment that we live in. Their high filtration efficiency, dust-holding capacity, and adaptability to different industrial requirements make them an ideal choice for numerous industries. The reduced energy consumption, installation and maintenance costs make POXL Filter Bags a cost-effective and efficient filtration solution for any industry.

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