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Wholesale 5 micron filter bag manufacture by COX Filter Bag at competitive price.

5 micron filter bag
Buy Cheap 5 micron bag filter at wholesale prices on COX NYLON FILTER BAG FABRIC.

5 micron bag filter , with bag size 1#, 2#,3#,4#,5# both welded and sewn or stitched bag are available.

5 micron bag filter Data Sheet  5 micron bag filter     5 micron bag filter

5 micron bag filter
1. Detailed Description Of 5 micron bag filter
Size: 7*17”,7*32”,4*9”,4*15”, 6*22”, other size can be custom made.
Micro rating: 5 micro.
Filter Bag structure:
A) Sewn(stitched) filter bag body+ sewn(stitched) “arc” type filter bag bottom+ sewn(stitched) metal ring filter bag top.
B) Air welded filter bag body+ ultrasonic welded “ V” type or “ arc” type filter bag bottom+ ultrasonic welded plastic filter top
C) Air welded filter bag body+ air welded “ V” type filter bag bottom+ ultrasonic welded plastic filter top
Free Samples are available with freight cost covered by buyer or freight cost collection.

2. Features Of 5 micron bag filter  
-High Grade polyester felt from 1 to 300 micro(um).
-Easy to replace.
-Manufacturer of PE or Polyester Felt Liquid Filter Bags /Standard Felt Liquid Filtration Bags
3. Technical Data of 5 micron polyester filter bag
3-1. Micron filter bags for liquid filtration
COX Material and Micron Ratings: for all your liquid filter bags requirements
Polypropylene felt bags: 1-300 micron
Polyester felt bags: 1-300 micron
Nylon mesh bags: 25-800 micron
High temperature micron rating bags: Nomex felts /ptfe(Teflon felt) in most micron ratings
3-2. COX Liquid filter bag Size
#1 7″x17″                    Sewn/Welded
#2 7″x32″                    Sewn/Welded
#3 4″x8″                      Sewn/Welded
#4 4″x14″                    Sewn/Welded
#5 6″x22″             Sewn/Welded
3-3. COX Liquid filter bag top type
Plastic ring, metal ring, drawstring, plain
4. Applications Of 5 micron polyester filter bag
Widely used in electronics, semiconductor, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, beverages, paints, paper industry, automobile manufacturing, inks, resins, water treatment and other fields.

5 micron bag filter widely application in food and beverage, automotive, water treatment and pharmaceuticals industry.
5 micron bag filter manufacture to fit perfectly as well as conform to OEM specifications. COX Nylon Filter Bag assure product consistency, quality, and efficiency.
5 micron bag filter can be the ideal solution for your filtration application needs.


5 micron bag filter designed to remove particle and debris from liquids.
COX focus in manufacturing standard and custom 5 micron bag filter for applications with wholesale price.
5 micron bag filter liquid/micron filter bagsmanufacture by COX at Competitive Price and We Ship Directly to your warehouse!

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