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Wholesale LCR 500 Filter Bag manufacture by COX Filter Bag at competitive price.

COX manufacture kinds Replacement LCR-500 Filter Bags to remove oil contamination from liquid.
LCR Filter Bag has been developed with the latest technologies to provide a filter system capable of handling a wide range of particulate materials such as cement, lime, minerals, pharmaceuticals, and other products. The filter bag is made up of a high-quality filter media that can withstand different temperatures and chemical exposures, making it suitable for various industrial applications.

LCR-100 Oil Removal filter bag

Data Sheet LCR-500 Oil Removal filter bag    LCR-500 Oil Removal filter bag

LCR-500 Filter Bags The LCR Filter Bag is an innovative and reliable solution to meet the increasing demands to reduce air pollution worldwide, allowing industries to work with confidence, without risking their employees’ health or the environment. The filter bag systems’ ease of use, minimal maintenance needs, and low operating costs ensure that LCR Filter Bags will continue to play a crucial role in the filtration industry for many years to come.

DescriptionSize No.DiameterLengthFlow RateMax. TempSuggested D/P change- out
LCR 500 Filter Bag# 027″ / 180mm32″ / 810mm25m3/h80℃0.8-1.5bar

LCR 500 Series Oil Absorbing filter bag is constructed of polypropylene melt blown microfibers enabling fine particle capture at high efficiency. High Efficiency absolute rated filter bag designed for your long service life, high dirt load application with demand for absolute particle removal efficiency, it is also effective in removing gelatinous contamination due to its unique structure.

Full LCR 500 Filter List as following:

LCR(Bag Material) —-522(Micron Rating µm)—T(Bag Cover Layer)—-02(Bag Sizes)—-E(Coller/Ring type)

Replacement Original Part NumberDescriptionMicron Rating @ 99%Bag SizeInquiry Replacement LCR  Filter Bag
F5870009LCR-522-T02Z2.6#02(7″x32″)Inquiry Replacement LCR-522 Filter Bag F5870009
F5870019LCR-525-T02Z6#02(7″x32″)Inquiry Replacement LCR-525 Filter Bag F5870019
F5870029LCR-527-T02Z13#02(7″x32″)Inquiry Replacement LCR-527Filter Bag F5870029
F5870039LCR-529-T02Z32#02(7″x32″)Inquiry Replacement LCR-529 Filter Bag F5870039

LCR 500 Oil Absorbing filter bag made by kinds layers PP melt blown microfiber filter media which have great chemical resistance. 100% PP media contain no silicone oil, ideally for application in automotive paint and coating industry. COX Absorbing filter bag offer > 90% efficient at the real application rating.

The LCR Filter Bag design incorporates a fully automated reverse pulse jet cleaning system to ensure maximum cleaning efficiency, reducing operating downtime considerably. The pulse jet cleaning system releases high-pressure air pulses into the filter bags, causing them to vibrate and loosen the accumulated dust particles, which are then collected below the filter bag. The cleaning system is easily adjustable according to specific industrial requirements, providing maximum filtration throughout the process.

LCR-500 filter bag  is a filter bag that works better and installs easier than a filter cartridge.

Bag DescriptionFilter Bag SizeParticle Size Removal Efficiency
Replacement LCR-522#02(7″x32″)235
Replacement LCR-525 #02(7″x32″)4810
Replacement LCR-527#02(7″x32″)61315
Replacement LCR-529#02(7″x32″)252830

LCR-500 Seris filter bag combined with oil removal capabilities, such filter bags also provide particulate removal at different levels to meet many process requirements.
Oil adsorption filter bag is available in a 1, 5, 10, 25 and 50 nominally rated efficiency with several layers of about 600 gram weight meltblown for superior oil adsorption capabilities.

LCR-500 Filter Bag LCR Filter Bags has revolutionized the filtration industry through its unique design, delivering efficient, reliable and cost-effective filtration solutions. By reducing the amount of particulate pollutants which industrial processes emit, companies can play their part in protecting the environment. By improving air quality, companies can safeguard their employees’ health while maximizing productivity, ensuring a better quality of life for everyone.

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