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Wholesale Home manufacture by COX Filter Bag at competitive price.

COX manufactures a full line of micron filter bags for the liquid filtration industry.
Filter Material available from Nylon filter mesh, Polyester filter mesh, Needle PP Filter fabric, Needle Polyester Filter Fabric, Stainless steel.
Filter Ratings from 0.1 to 2000 micron with plastic and metal rings for versatility suitable to your different application.
Standard size bags are available to provide a perfect fit for standard and unique applications.

COX Filter Bag Fabric offer quality and efficiency
Nylon filter mesh(1~2000micron), Polyester Filter Mesh(30~500micron),

Micron Nylon Filter Bags, Liquid Polyester Filter Mesh Sleeves(30~500micron), Needle Polyester Filter Bag((0.1~200micron), Micron PP Filter Bags(0.1~200micron) made by the highest grade material.
Standard Woven Type: Nylon Filter Bag / Polyester Filter Bag / PP Filter Bag / Stainless Steel Filter Bag

Nylon Filter Mesh & Micron Filter Bags:1, 5, 10, 20, 25, 30, 50, 75, 100, 150, 200, 300, 500, 1000, 1200, 1500, 2000 micron
Polyester Filter Mesh & Filter Sleeves:30, 50, 75, 100, 150, 200, 300, 500 micron
Standard Needle Type: PP Nylon Filter Bag / Polyester Filter Bag / PP Filter Bag / Nomex Filter Bag / PTFE Filter Bag

Needle Polyester Filter Bag:0.1, 0.5, 1, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 200, 300micron
Water PP Filter Bags:0.1, 0.5, 1, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 200, 300micron

COX offers a complete line of High Efficiency Absolute Rated Filter Bag for the most demanding effective applications where higher filtration efficiencies are needed, achieving performance levels as high as 99.9% absolute-rated efficiency.
Extended life range (POXL Filter Bag , PEXL Filter Bag),
High Efficiency Absolute Rated Filter Bag (PGF Filter Bag,AGF Filter Bag)
Oil Removal Filter Bag
LCR Filter Bag (LCR 100 Filter Bag,LCR 500 Filter Bag)
Microfiber Filter Bag (POMF Filter Bag,PEMF Filter Bag) with kinds filtration rate and sizes.
Standard sizes(7″x16″, 7″x32″, 4″x9″, 4″x15″, 6″x20″) and other sizes filter bag with kinds neck material(carbon steel, stainless steel, plastic, string) are available you need to adapt with your existing housings.
PGF range oil holding filter bagsSewing Type Micron Filter Bag
Extended life range POXL/PEXL filter bags/Alternative filter bag of EATON DURAGAF filter bags
COX extended life range POXL/PEXL, alternative filter bag of EATON DURAGAF filter bags, are with equal filtration performance with lifetimes 2-5 times longer than ordinary felt media.
POXL Filter BagPEXL Filter Bag

SKUStyle No.Micron RatingSKUStyle No.

Unique construction provides stronger weld-seam, Highly efficient filter media, Effectively removal particle > 99%.

High Efficiency Absolute Rated Filter Bag

All High Efficiency filter bags are available in a wide variety of sizes to fit common industry filter bag housings. OEM size High Efficiency Absolute Rated Filter Bags can be manufactured according requirment.
Oil Removal LCR 100 Filter BagOil Removal LCR 500 Filter Bag

LCR 100 Series Filter Bag details:

 SKU NumberStyle No.Micron Rating @ 99%SKU NumberStyle No.

LCR(Bag Material) —-522(Micron Rating µm)—T(Bag Cover Layer)—-02(Bag Sizes)—-E(Coller/Ring type)

SKUDescriptionMicron Rating @ 99%Bag Size

LCR 500 Oil Absorbing filter bag made by kinds layers PP melt blown microfiber filter media which have great chemical resistance.

High Efficiency Absolute Rated AGF Filter Bag High Efficiency Absolute Rated PGF Filter Bag

Style No.Original SKURemoval EfficiencyBag Cover LayerBag SizeOriginal SKU
AGF-51-E01EF58691091.5µm >99%  5µm >99.9%PP MeshAGF-51-E02EF5869119
AGF-53-E01EF58691293µm >99%  5µm >99.9%PP MeshAGF-53-E02EF5869139
AGF-55-E01EF58691495µm >99%  15µm >99.9%PP MeshAGF-55-E02EF5869159
AGF-57-E01EF586916910µm >99%  25µm >99.9%PP MeshAGF-57-E02EF5869179
AGF-59-E01EF586918925µm >99%  50µm >99.9%PP MeshAGF-59-E02EF5869199
AGFE-51-R01HF58700491.5µm >99%  5µm >99.9%Polyester MeshAGFE-51-R02HF5870079
AGFE-55-R01HF58700595µm >99%  15µm >99.9%Polyester MeshAGFE-55-R02HF5870089
AGFE-57-R01HF587006910µm >99%  25µm >99.9%Polyester MeshAGFE-57-R02HF5870099

PGF Filter Bag details:
F5865399 PGF-50-E02E Filter Bag
F5869219 PGF-51-E02E Filter Bag
F5869229 PGF-55-E02E Filter Bag

Replacement HAYFLOW PP Extended Life Felt(POXL) Filter Bag & Polyester Extended Life Felt(PEXL) Filter Bag

Original Part NumberPOXL Filter Bag Style No.Original Part NumberPEXL Filter Bag Style No.


Microfiber Filter Bags’ have much more filtration surface area and dirt loading capacity than standard type. POMF Microfiber Filter Bags have longer filter working service time, you do not need to be change bags as frequently, can saveing more labor cost and replacement filter bags’ cost. Microfiber materials provide high efficiencies at low micron ratings. Multi-layer technology results in true graded-density filtration, delivering significantly increased loading capacities and lower overall filtration costs.PEMF Filter Bags - PEMF10AP1P
POMF Filter BagPEMF Filter Bag

Custom bags, sleeves or panels can be produced to your specifications, offering you complete control of the filtration process.
Multi-Layered filter bags are available.
Silicone free to prevent cratering for a better surface finish

Free Bag Handles is standard on our filter bags.
Monofilament Mesh is an extremely strong material with precise weaving to ensure consistent pore sizes. It is reusable in many applications. Nylon is the most widely used material. Monofilament Mesh Bags are available in micron ratings from 1 to 1200 microns.

All COX mesh bags are constructed using a woven or knitted fabric. Whether your particular environment requires a single filament mesh that provides excellent strength with no fiber migration, or a woven multi-strand mesh designed for low-cost, disposable bags, we have your needs covered. The yarn in all of our mesh filter bags is extremely abrasion resistant, resistant to a broad range of chemicals, unaffected by metal fatigue or corrosion, and boasts high tensile strength.


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